I’m gathering parts since a while for this build and my appointment at Rombotis tuning is in less than 10 days so I’ll start the thread

History and spec of the actual car.

I bought it in 2005 as a 2001.5 S4 with 36 000km 6 speeds, sport package and xenon, but it was a 2000 A4 swaped :S the car only had a chip and Koni coil over back then.

Current mods to the car

Tial GT2554 turbos (used as protoype for the tial 650)
Tial 2 1/4″ inlet pipes
siemens 60lbs 630cc injectores
Ford Lightning 90mm air flow meter
Garett Bar&plate 12x26x3.5″ FMIC
Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
Samco sport hose kit
4 bar fuel pressure regulator
2 1/2″ catless downpipes
ASP true dual catback
South Bend stage 5 clutch
Fidanza flywheel
Custom alu Y pipe (larger than RS4)
APR R1 diverter valves
RS4 camshaft
ECS lw pulley kit
AC deleted
Eurodyne tuned
Kosei K1TS 17″ wrapped in Falken Azenis
Koni coilover
H-Sport anti sway bar
034 track density engine/tranny mont
Stern center and resr diff mount/bushing
APR snub mount
HD tie rod end
AWE pedals
Fiber Image trunk lid
M3 lip spoiler
Clear corner
chromed mirror cap
RS4 grille
JHM trannt rebuild kit
JHM short shifter, linkage, and shifter bushing
Stasis 4:1 center diff.
AWE pod boost gage
Zimmerman cross drilled disk and Hawk HPS compound pads


here’s pics of the car right now

And here’re the parts I have in stock that are going on the car soon.

B6 3.0l crank
Supertech 82.5mm piston, 8.8:1 CR coateds skirt and designed to go with a 3.0l crank
Rosten rods
GURUMAN agtronic GT2860RS turbo kit
GT28RS Vbanded turbos
Agtronic tubular manifold (Vbanded for the wastegate and ceramic coated)
3″ stainless downpipes (Vbanded)
Tial 44mm external wastegate
dump tube
inlet pipes
034 anti-friction coated bearing (all of them)
2.8l heads (34 000 km on them, ported to match gasket)
2.8l HG
supertech inconel exhaust valves
Supertech titanium retainers and springs
Devil’s Own methanol injection kit
RS4 intake manifold with TB port ported to 80mm
Hemi 80mm trottle body
034 80mm TBB
ARD coated bi-pipes ( 2″1/4 and already tapped for Meth)
Vast high flow electronic fan kit
Vast oil catch can kit
Ferrea stainless intake valves
Vast phenolic intake spacer
Energy suspension bushing for the DTS
lot of seals and gasket…

Parts bought after the beginning of the build:
034 fuel rails, 034 fuel lines, bosh 044 in tank pump, walbro in line pump, aeromotive FPR, 034 fuel pressure gauge, poished HRE 540R in 19″, raceware man stud, 034 non stretch head bolts

So I think that’s it for now
Mike will also change the fuel lines and do the tune and I’m waiting for 034 fuel rail from Issam but that’s it for now. Once it’s done I’m going to get the car painted audi “brown teak metal” and I’ll put the car on nice wheels (just had a deal from a guy here with mint 19″ HRE 540R )

big thanks in advance to GURUMAN for being such a nice guy always glad to share infos with us, who did me a great price for his turbo kit and who did bring the B5 platform one step further(IMHO). And thanks to Mike Rombotis who’ll surely do a great job on my car, I think he’s one of the main reason for the succes of Guru’s builds, I wouldn’t want anyone else to take care of my car

more info to come as the build start, sorry for the weak english, I’m not 12 years old I’m just french 😉

juste received some pics of the car that were taken last monday

turbos that went out

not that bad I guess… here they are when I received them from Tial

Here are a couple of pics of the painted engine bay… the color choice is AWESOME!

Still waiting for 034 package to come in, so Mike can build the engine. Intake is back from powdercoating

progress! 🙂
more pics of the engine assembly

that’s it for now… ordered a Braille battery (to replace the odyssey pc680 a tuning shop in quebec here never returned on waranty since 3 years… funy they run one now on their shop car)
Also ordered a billet rear diff carriere from Lazslo

car should start soon…

Car is now brown since monday. We’ll let it dry for one week then spend some time polishing it before putting it back together. Should be running next week 😉

We took some pictures tonight, here’s a little teaser

more to come next week

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  1. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    sweet build man mad mad props!!! im in an auto tech program now and i live in Chateauguay Quebec i wanted to ask that after all these modifications how much was the bill and do you find the car is much harder on maintenance because of the modifications?

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