I’m finally going stage3! Last winter, I grabbed a Vagmotorsport/Agtronic Gt2554 kit from Guruman.

I originally intended on keeping the internals stock, but soon decided on some IE rods. Fueling and tune will be via Vast, for their reputation and proximity, and good customer service. I”m aiming for a decent 475whp, daily drivable.

Lets not turn this into a GT25r Vs Rs6 Vs Tial605 battle, I know each setup has their benefits and drawbacks, and all 3 should produce similar results. I’m hoping to turn these 2554’s up as high as they’ll go, and see what we get. I’ll post dyno’s as I get them, good or bad.

A local shop is doing all the work, this is his most involved build yet , but he’s done many custom 1.8t and Vr6 turbos, and his work is top notch. His work is meticulous.

Here’s the parts list :

Vehicle: 2002 B5 S4 2.7T

Engine size: 2.7L
Rods: Integrated Engineering
Pistons: Stock
Head Gaksets: Stock
Intake Manifold: Stock with Vast 10mm Phenolic Spacers
Intake: Vast CAI
Throttle Body: Stock
Diverter Valves: Forged 007
Turbo kit: Vagmotorsport / Agtronic turbo kit, Gt2554’s, 3″ Inlet pipes. 44mm Tial wastegates, V-band everything
MAF: Vast 90mm
Injectors: Siemens Deka 840cc
Fuel Pump: Bosch 044
Tune: Vast
Water Meth : H2Sport / Labonte pump and controller.
Intercooler(s): CxRacing Dual Core FMIC with Foreign Auto custom piping.
Mounts: 034 Motorsport street density engine/tranny, snub mount w/ cage.
Exhaust Manifolds: Vagmotorsport/Agtronic, ceramic coated custom manifolds.
Downpipes: Vagmotorsport/Agtronic 3″
Exhaust: Techtonics 2.5″ true dual.

Miscellaneous:ARD BiPipes, Custom Oil Cooler,AWE DTS, Apikol Rear Diff Mount, Vast Performance Electric fan kit, Vast/Ard Bi-pipes. 034 headbolts, coated main and rod bearings

awww baby turbos! (oil from leaky valve covers)

Blew a k03 a week before the car went in for its overhaul, 178,000kms on it!
loaded trunk., car won’t leave until its empty! :

Looks like an autopsy table!
Don’t know why my block looks this rusty in the pic, its not!

Tore the block down, installed IE rods with Oem pistons : Crappy Cellphone pics

Apologize for the cell pics:

Check out the tight fit! :

Looks like its touching, its not 😀

Old k03s and other junk- F-U small turbos!

Getting closer!!Exhaust is finished, oil and coolant are in!

Exhaust with new cats:

I fired it up this afternoon, sounds good, runs smoother than before, yet has a deeper/throatier exhaust note 🙂 3″ dp’s maybe?No other major updates, Saturday will be the final push to get it out the door, but here’s some pics of the Gearhead DIY oil cooler, mounted where the old SMIC used to be :
Crappy Cell pics :

Front of the car, looking straight down, you see some IC piping, Oil cooler, and my Water/Meth pump 🙂

Hey Guys, apologize for the lack of sound, I’ll take some more vids with the volume turned up on the mic this time!

Lag check!

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