I had oil problems with my car after hybrid RS6ss were on the car. And as such, i spun a bearing on cyl6. This than prompted me to rebuild the motor. I originally was gonna just replace the bearing and rods and freshen up the motor, but after thinking it through and getting my finances in order, I decided to just go all out and build everything and go GTs.

The parts list are as follows:

Engine bore: 2.8L
Rods: Pauter
Pistons: JE 82.5
Heads: 2.8
Cams: 2.8
Valves, springs, retainers, whatever: 034 Ti Valvetrain and 034 Valves(intake and exhaust) new stock Hydro Lifters
Headgasket: stock
Compression ratio: ~8.8-1
Intake Manifold: Stock
Throttle Body: Stock
Diverter Valves: Baileys
Turbo kit (ie. Tial, ASP, Vast, VAG, GenX, Custom): Agtronic
Turbos (use full model # like GT2560R-466541-1) : GT2871R-0002 .64AR
Wastegates (routed external?): Tial MVS 38mm, Dumped Externally
MAF (brand and size): 90mm
Injectors: EV14 82# @3BAR
Fuel Pump: Bosch 044
Fuel Pressure Regulator: 3BAR
Air Intake/Filter: AEM
Tune: VAST
Clutch: Tilton Twin Disc
Flywheel: Tilton
Intercooler(s): JHM/Ebay for now
Mounts (motor, tranny and snub): 034 Track Density Motor Mounts, RS4 trans Mounts, Akipokol Diff mount, 034 billet carrier.
Exhaust: Custom VAST 3.5″ exhaust with 100 cell race cats and Vibrant muffler
Which wideband: Zeitronix ZT-2
Miscellaneous : Phenolic Spacer, ARD Bi-Pipes, Raceware Head Studs, 034 Coated Rod Bearings. Heads also got a Valve Job and Bowl work.

Here are some pictures. I will get more this weekend when I go to the shop

The car:

The Motor:

The motor is now fully assembled and the manifolds are being made.

A small update. Got my interior finished while the car was sitting.

And the only picture i took of the clutch.

Gen JDM BiPipes and VAST EFK

Got the Motor on the stand
Cleaning up the upper oil pan, getting it ready to be installed. That is LowFlyer
Cleaning up the lower oil pan. And other parts layed out.

Whole big pile of parts. How i got everything back from DTM. 

Got the upper pan on and sealed up

Lower pan on and all sealed up

Starting to put the spark plugs in and getting the rest of the stuff ready.

Finally got my B6 S4 brakes on. Stoptech Rotors and Hawk Ceramic Pads.
Some pictures from earlier in the week

Got my CHs back, How the car is sitting now.

Flywheel/Clutch/Trans are getting bolted on this week. Had some setbacks with missing flywheel bolts.

Another update. Markku spent these last 2 days at the shop late to get my kit finished in time for me to have it this weekend. It is almost done now. Here are the pictures that he just sent me.
More Pictures!! Markku is trying to have the kit shipped out tomorrow so I can have it for the weekend, but at this point, Id rather him take a bit longer and make sure everything is perfect and wait a week. ANYway, on to the glorious pics!!!
Yes that is open WG 

Some more pictures. Kit will be done today and shipped out tomorrow via Overnight or Same Day so we can install it this weekend. Hopefully no more problems.

Being test fitted in their front clip…..

Cant wait to get the kit tomorrow and start installing everything back in the car! It has been down way to long(10 Months) and I am very excited to see everything so close to coming together again. Huge thanks to Markku and Agtronic for spending the extra time when needed to get the kit done by when they said.

I just got home from the shop. Had some problems with the coolant return lines, but I have an idea of what to do for that.
Here are some pics from today.Rear Main Seal on


Flywheel on

Clutch on

Have to grind away for clearance

Grinded away

Motor and trans together

Test fitting the turbo

Grinding away another stupid piece for clearance

Mounted up and hooking up all the oil and coolant lines

Ok, so here are the pictures. Basically, stock coolant returns line didnt reach so we had to make some custom ones. Big thanks to Tim(warewolves) and Anthony(msfourrings) for the help and “diagonal” thinking.  And to Ahmad(Blackbenzz)

This is part of the line we made.

You can see the line here. We got heat shielding covers for the lines.

With the motor mount on.

Heat wrapped the downpipes

We got all the accessories on, timing belt covers, pulleys and tensioner for the serpentine belt on. Need to look up the routing for the serpentine belt and than put than on.

Still need to get some couplers for the stock Charge piping off the turbos to mate up to the GTs and get a gasket for the stock oil cooler. But besides that stuff, we are pretty much ready to drop the motor back in the car and start hooking up all the other small stuff!
Couple of my cell phone pics from putting the motor in tonight.

Ok guys. Here is an update. Car is still at VAST, they have torn down the motor to bare block. I dont think the heads are fully disassembled yet. There was Piston to Valve contact, but luckily only 3 valves hit the pistons. They are not sure yet whether they are bent or not and the pistons can be cleaned up. So I got very very lucky here. Obviously as they were disassembling everything, they told me there were alot of bolts in the wrong places and wrong bolts all together, but that was to be expected as when I got the car back, nothing was labeled and it was a puzzle trying to figure out where everything went.Anyway, here are the pictures that VAST has sent me.

Short Block going back together

OK. So it has been like 2 weeks since ive updated the thread and the motor is now in the car! There were a couple hiccups along the way though. The AC stuff i was going to buy was just like mine after its trip to VAST, leaking and rusted and a bum bearing. And than the Alternator i bought used was dead. So more money dumped into getting all new AC stuff(Condenser, Compressor, seals and o-rings, and dryer) and getting another alternator, this time new. Now that was figured out, and the motor is in the car, sans AC/Alternator, with the turbo properly clocked, the drivers side DP was hitting the DTS bar and the DTS bar couldnt be mounted. So off that comes to get rewelded and a new JHM DTS bar going on to replace my bent, beat up AWE one. The AC stuff should there today and hopefully they can get the alternator today also.On to the pictures

Exhaust progress. Black muffler(pretty sure it is a Vibrant), Single 3.5″ exhaust to dual 3″ DPs.

On a known low reading dyno in our area. 22psi on pump gas, no meth.

To replace my worn one.

I want to wire up the switchs to control my radio volume and track.Also got a new headlight switch assembly to replace mine, my cruise control doesnt work and throws an intermittent implausible signal error whenever i try and use it.

All my oil cooler stuff came in also.

I am using an Earls core, still waiting on my sandwhich plate adapter from 034 though

O ya, this is where i mounted my meth pump since the normal spot is being used by my oil catch can. I also have the upgraded solenoid in line from the tank to the pump
Got the steering wheel and cruise control stalk installed today also.
Got my oil cooler installed today, along with my Panzer Plate. The oil cooler was fairly easy to install, just had to cut off the stock SMIC bracket for some more clearance. Used blue locktite on the extension bolt for the sandwich adapter as i dont want a repeat of last time.

Here are some more pics Jibber.

Finally installed my in-car Hallman Pro add-on
O noes! Whats this?
Looks like this!

Ok guys. Haven’t done the trans rebuild yet. After talking with VAST, doing the RS4 3rd gear gets REALLY expensive because the you need the RS4 shaft for 3rd and 4th and both gears. So i’m probably gonna just do a stock rebuild.I’ve been talking with VAST about doing a custom Intake Manifold with 80mm TB and AEB runners and hopefully that will happen soon too.Just picked this up today from Haenszel(Thanks Ahmad for picking it up/delivering it for me)

Now I just need lines and rails and FPR. And of course the crazy expensive fittings, lol

Got my 42 Draft Designs catch can installed. Had to make a bracket for it. Wasn’t that bad. It barely clears the hood, lol.O ya, for those that are wondering how much room there is between the turbos and the frame rails, here are 2 pics

Ok, we got the trans out tonight. We got it out in 2 hours, which was awesome. Anyway, here is the damage.

Obviously the first clutch disc is supposed to have splines like the one behind it. Not sure why this happened. This clutch is rated for a LOT more power than I am making.
I have never launched the car and have only banged second gear hard like once, but either way this clutch should be able to hold that.

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