This is a story about rebuilding one of the best looking convertibles in the BMW e30 line-up, BMW E30 M-Tech II

What the car looked like when I found it

and this is the final result

I bought this car from another e30 enthusiast in CT and while on my way back home to NJ I already made phone calls and started to order the parts for it. First thing on my mind was the custom interior, so passing thru NY I stopped at my upholstery guy

The interior when I got the car

We chose Fire red with black as the future colors of the leather

You can see the sample of the leather on the hood of the car

As soon as we got the car back to the shop the work started, we replaced the stock headlights with Hella Smoked smiley European Headlights

We also installed Xenon HID slim ballast conversion as well as Euro E30 Grills and Black Euro Kidney grill

Next on the list was the instrument cluster

We had to replace all window motors, regulators and all the harnesses inside the doors

The windshield was also replaced

Swapped the old cracked tail lights with smoked ones

Repalced torn shift boot and broken shift knob with new custom boot and ZHP BMW 5 speed knob

D2 coilovers with 34 clicks of adjustability

Full tune-up including timing belt, water pump, gaskets, oils, belts, spark plugs etc.. etc…

By this time the interior was ready and we installed it in the car to see what it would look like

The next step was a complete re-paint and restoration of the body !
So we took everything apart and started this long process of bringing this E30 back to like new

rust repair

We shaved the antenna hole and got rid of the ugly 80s antenna

More rust repair


Replaced the rusted section of the rocker panel

Replaced rusted part of the fender

Started the primer work on the parts

Car is in primer

Painted inside the door

And finally the paint job !

Parts painted

Started to assemble the car

Wet sand and buff for mirror like finish

and FINALLY – The car is FINISHED !!!

Pic from before

and after

more pics of the finished car

to see more of my other projects and restorations, please click on my user name: CARRERABOY

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  1. Junaid
    Junaid says:

    Hi i have to complement you on a job well done.I am restoring my 325is.What is the exact colour of the body as well as the the colour used in the centre of the rims.Please assist me with this info.

  2. Adem
    Adem says:

    Im not expecting free work. How much would something like this cost? And separte price for an s52 install. Im looking at this e30 restoration.

  3. G.Camaj
    G.Camaj says:

    I really admire you guys and absolutely admire your work… From what I can see on all the cars on this website you guys have great taste in bringing these cars back to life! God bless your crew and shop!!!!

  4. Dorian
    Dorian says:

    I admire your hard work dedication and excellent craftsmanship put into these cars! Do you have any cars for sale preferably a e 30 mtech II coupe.

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