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This particular beauty came to us from California, it’s an original CA car that has been maintained by the Beverly Hills BMW dealership most of it’s life and by another BMW Enthusiast (Jim) who did a great job performing some of the upgrades on the car!

Unfortunately, sun and age were not very kind to this babe, so our team of ‘plastic surgeons’ went to work to give this particular example new lease on life and return it to its new glory ! The pictures are worth a thousand words

Original BMW Window sticker from when this particular convertible was sold new in California

 photo 2015-01-11001001_zpsf41508f9.jpg

$39,085 Price tag back in 1991 ! More than e30 M3 !!!

Original maintenance receipts for most of it’s life !

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 photo 2015-01-11001008_zps0949a620.jpg

 photo 2015-01-11001013_zpsffb0713f.jpg

 photo 2015-01-11001022_zps3a9cbe77.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001082_zps37481d3c.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001057_zpsc8d6616c.jpg


Super strong and healthy M20 engine. Oil Service done every 2k miles with Castrol GTX 20W-50. Recent Timing Belt, pulley, water pump, thermostat, driving belts. New Vacuum Lines, Valve adjusted. Cylinder head inspected – Compression Test – 1: 150/150, 2: 150/150, 3: 150/150, 4:150/156, 5: 149/149, 6:150/148. Fuel system had the following service performed: new fuel lines, new fuel pump, new fuel filter, new air filter. New Fan belts and Hoses, new Fan clutch, New 5 speed radiator at the tie of 5 speed swap, new Fan shroud, new spark plugs, cap and rotor. new Bosch Alterntor.
5 Speed Transmission swap with new clutch and every new part that could be replaced was replaced and serviced during the swap
Z3 3.0 Short shifter and rebuilt linkage, resurfaced flywheel, new throw out bearing, pressure plate and pivot point.
New custom master and Slave Cylinder. Drivehaft was rebuilt. New Guibo and Center Support bearing. Full Custom Exhaust with Custom Rear Muffler, all in Stainless steel. New Catalytic converter and 02 sensor.
Rear Diff is 3:73 LSD with new synthetic fluid service done
Engine runs super smooth ! Everything Works perfectly !


Full Paint Job Restoration! All Dings, Damage, Imperfections were repaired and fixed, custom work + custom paint, only the best materials were used, quality primer, paint and clear!
This car is stunning in person! There are no dings/scratches/chips anywhere!
Powder-coated shadow-line Window trim. Euro Hood seals.
Euro Smoked Hella Style Smiley headlights with HID slim Xenon 6k and Driving lights
New iS front lip, New Fog Lights. Tail lights and side marker lights were sanded and clear-coated!
Rare M-Tech Door handles, BMW M-technic front and rear badges, M-technic Door sills
Top was recently replaced with quality German top. It has been converted to manual top, everything works as it should, all seals are good!


Fully custom recovered Recaro e30 Convertible sport Seats with matching Recaro Convertible rear seat!
M-tech1 steering wheel, e34 emergency brake handle
BMW Premium Sound Music system : head Unit, updated front speakers and wiring
Good dash, glove box,carpeet, door cards and center console, BMW Factory mats


Everything is NEW ! Front control arms with M3 bushings, Front & Rear Bilstein sport Shocks, H&R Lowering springs. New front & rear shock mounts
Super Rare NLA 16×9 et15 Borbet type B Wheels with Brand New Super Sticky 215/45/16 Kumho ECSTA XS tires. New wheel alignment.

this is how we got the car

 photo ftrt_zps49a3cf3e.jpg

 photo lt_zps40b60bab.jpg

 photo rearlt_zps4c45f00b.jpg

 photo ltqrtr_zps66981703.jpg

One of the first things we did was to obtain a very rare set of 16×9 Borbet type B wheels for this car from Germany

 photo 16BorbetB01_zps3b5f9ee2.jpg

Bodywork started

 photo 20141112_191536_resized_zps677a678b.jpg

 photo 20141112_084947_resized_zpsd2aa551e.jpg

 photo 20141112_084939_resized_zpsa7ec794b.jpg

 photo 20141118_152201_resized_zpsa7f9c857.jpg

 photo 20141117_140641_resized_zps77168ca4.jpg

 photo 20141117_155408_resized_zpsa62a740e.jpg

 photo 20141111_111851_resized_zps6cd5e2a6.jpg

 photo 2014-12-29001036_zps07105a85.jpg

 photo 2014-12-29001038_zps1313faea.jpg

 photo 2014-12-29001042_zps965e17d5.jpg

 photo 20141222_161821_resized_zps7b8800b0.jpg

 photo 20141222_161846_resized_zps5e567a88.jpg

 photo 20141222_161841_resized_zpsb81c11f3.jpg

 photo 20141206_095445_resized_zpsb43fff5b.jpg

 photo 20141206_095431_resized_zpsf37f5eeb.jpg

 photo 20141206_095422_resized_zpsb3fb245b.jpg

 photo 20141206_095457_resized_zpsf3b1bbe6.jpg

 photo 20141205_165814_resized_zpsb554bfaf.jpg

 photo 20141206_124321_resized_zps44bf1678.jpg

 photo 20141206_124306_resized_zpsf70734d7.jpg

 photo 20141206_124334_resized_zps17317929.jpg

 photo 20141206_124501_resized_zps17455f8e.jpg

 photo ValveTrain_zpsca14f79d.jpg

 photo SuspensionRebuildParts_zps37e75019.jpg

Eddie doing his magic

 photo 2015-01-11001054_zps97bc486b.jpg

And finally the car after it’s nip and tack

 photo 2015-01-11001049_zpsd02a259b.jpg

 photo 2015-01-11001053_zps3dafc999.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001099_zpsc78e7ba4.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001098_zps7346570a.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001097_zps56c70e56.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001096_zps11885168.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001095_zps3cb45ecb.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001094_zps27ca2d51.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001088_zpsc341b5ff.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001078_zpsa33adebc.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001077_zps217d1a16.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001074_zps70456fbe.jpg

 photo 2015-01-11001018_zps130e467e.jpg

 photo 2015-01-11001017_zps4e6ee9de.jpg

 photo 2015-01-11001021_zps41ac52a0.jpg

 photo 2015-01-11001024_zps6503e3e6.jpg

 photo 2015-01-11001028_zps89384313.jpg

 photo 2015-01-11001032_zpse790fe8b.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001084_zps0e343bdb.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001065_zps5df7ac32.jpg

 photo 2015-01-09001064_zps67868818.jpg

 photo 2015-01-11001015_zpsebf590ea.jpg

 photo 2015-01-11001011_zps1f87019b.jpg

 photo 2015-01-11001010_zps07e50504.jpg

A little bit of NYC irony, California babe meets NYC tough guy 😉 or one for the summer and one for the winter.

 photo 2015-01-11001004_zpsb209ea31.jpg

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