This was our tribute to the most successful BMW touring car ever – BMW E30 M3.
We wanted to create the replica of the most famous BMW race car, but with the twist!
What started life as a regular 1988 US Spec e30 M3 ended up as one of the most recognizable M3s in the US, as well as in the World with magazine features including BMW CAR, Performance BMW, Roundel and others.

When the restoration was performed, the whole car was stripped down to a shell, everything was taken off

Roll cage from TC Klein was installed to strenghen the chassis, then the car was painted in Warsteiner colors

Ground Control suspension, big IE sway bars, all new bushings, etc..

Upong the completion of the paint work, the engine swap started

low mileage Euro Spec S50B32 motor was sourced, it then went to the race shop where teh following was performed:
Ported/Polished head (ALL new hardware)
Schrick Cams
Motorsport Race High Compression Head gasket
Custom programmed PTG DME
UUC Lightweight Race flywheel
All new components (Oil Pan, Oil Pump, switches, hoses, cables, belts, gaskets, etc..)
Working Ice Cold A/C (all custom lines)
New Race Aluminum Radiator (all new lines)
PTG carbon Fiber airbox (extremely rare and expensive)

A lot of work went into the interior of this car. Some of the parts that were found on this M3 haven’t been seen on any other E30 years after this car was finished

Race track is where this car shined !

And of course a lot of M3 meets

few other pics:

Every show I went to, this M3 would win first place award

This trully is an amazing car to drive

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