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This story started with my buddie Eddie deciding that after we built him E30 M3 vert replica he now wanted a coupe with some power and lots of custom touches. Being a good friend that he is we decided to take the challenge once again! Easier said than done but luckily, at that time, I just bought rolled over E30 M3 for my Touring conversion so there were many parts that we could use on this build including the rear roof and rear glass section. This is how it started with us getting the car and bringing it to the shop (early tails e30 coupe).

 photo d43ef3f4.jpg

We quickly added some M3 parts onto the coupe to see what direction we wanted to go with and got an idea for the build, more or less

 photo 9bd6d7b8.jpg

Some of the goodies

 photo coil-overs.jpg

 photo coil-overs1.jpg

 photo coil-overs4.jpg

 photo coil-overs5.jpg

The body work started pretty quick once the car got to our shop.

 photo coupe-work.jpg

 photo coupe-work1.jpg

 photo coupe-work2.jpg

 photo white-coupe3.jpg

 photo white-coupe1.jpg

 photo coupe-suspension1.jpg

 photo coupe-suspension2.jpg

 photo coupe-suspension3.jpg

 photo coupe-weld.jpg

 photo old-cell-phone-pics011.jpg

 photo old-cell-phone-pics008.jpg

 photo coupe-body-work1.jpg

 photo coupe-body-work.jpg

 photo white-coupe-work2.jpg

 photo white-coupe-work.jpg

 photo white-coupe-work1.jpg

During that time we took the car to Diego at AMS Autowerks to do the S50 Swap

 photo eddie-bay.jpg

 photo eddie-bay1.jpg

 photo eddie-bay2.jpg

 photo eddie-swap.jpg

 photo eddie-swap1.jpg

Unfortunately I did not take any pics of the car in spray booth as I was away on vacation but here it is painted

 photo 8c33e5fb.jpg

 photo b50abb69.jpg

 photo m3-vert-parts-painted2.jpg

 photo m3-vert-parts-painted1.jpg

Many many hours went into putting this car together piece by piece.

 photo 1c6b4e1f.jpg

 photo 03cbb0d7.jpg

 photo 35890336.jpg

 photo 9a3792e1.jpg

 photo 388fdd28.jpg

Until one day when the car was ready to be reviled

 photo 14743d0f.jpg

Both of these E30 M3s were built using the organ donor parts of an original e30 M3 race car that was lost due to a race accident

 photo 27126522.jpg

And this is how the car appears today.

 photo eddie1_zps15262ea0.jpg

 photo eddie3_zps7a9f8aa4.jpg

 photo eddie2_zps1a5507ad.jpg

 photo eddie4_zps41d3ce2f.jpg

 photo eddie8_zps9555f57a.jpg

 photo eddie7_zpsdd3db2df.jpg

 photo eddie6_zps49551d60.jpg

 photo eddie5_zpscc4e3c7f.jpg

Judging the the owner’s smile and the reaction from the people at the shows – job well done !

 photo eddie9_zps80b95094.jpg

PS The rumor is that Eddie is ready to build another E30 M3 coupe, even wilder, stay tuned 🙂

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  1. Shaun
    Shaun says:

    Tell Eddie to call me it’s Shaun we grew up in the same neighborhood and wanted to know if he wants to sell the car. my # is 347-691-3200. Thanks

  2. Thokozilla
    Thokozilla says:

    Hi theremates, I was wondering how much do you charge on doing the whole body work,and if its possible to have right hand drive model for Europe and Australia


  3. Joshua Chong
    Joshua Chong says:

    Hey, I’m interested in your car .I’m from Malaysia. Just wanna ask if there is RHD for this car and how much does it cost. Thanks

  4. Bobby singh
    Bobby singh says:

    I’m based in London UK
    I love the work you have done
    With these cars, how much would it cost to build a RHD VERSION OF
    E30 m3
    Powered by e36 m3 3.2 engine?
    In white,
    Kind regards
    I await your reply

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