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We can build or restore an e30 in any body style (coupe, convertible, touring, pick-up truck, etc) with S50, S54, Euro S50 engine, Big Brakes, Coilovers, Custom Interior, etc or anything else you may desire – all according to your budget !


This is the story of the one of a kind BMW E30 M3 Touring.

E30 Tourings are pretty rare in the USA but E30 M3 Tourings are unicorns because BMW never built them. We decided to fill that void in late 80’s BMW history and build one with the help of modern technology.

What we started with was a nice, rare E30 Touring in silver, that was in need of some cosmetic restoration.

At that time the idea of building one of a kind M3 Touring was born and we started to gather all the parts necessary for this conversion. To reproduce the lines of the legendary E30 M3 we bought used race car that had unlucky track excursion and was written off. This race car was cut with plasma cutter and we were able to give some of the parts second lease on life. Many other parts were bought brand new from the dealer, many parts were ordered from Europe and some of the parts were made by our shop.

E30 M3 race car that sacrificed it’s parts for the e30 M3 Touring build

We brought the original Touring into the shop and started doing work on it

Started work on the front bumper, filling in the blinker lights, making it look like the EVO III bumper, adding EVO II lip along with some other custom touches.

Shaving the hood, eliminating the windshield washer nozzles.

Custom Porsche Rennline front tow hook

trying on the front bumper

The work on rear quarter panels has begun. This was the most difficult part of the project along with the rear doors but now, looking back, it was well worth the effort, man hours, sweat and hard labor!

We decided to retain the rear door handle for original looks but had to relocate it higher into the door to keep up with the original body lines.

At this time we decided that for the project of such magnitude, the stock interior wouldn’t do. It was then taken to the upholstery shop for some very nice make-over

We  chose the color and it was only a matter of time until the leather magic happened.

While the work at the shop continued on the other side of the car

Primer work started on the parts

We spent quite some time deciding on the best color for the car but I kind of had an idea for the color from the beginning of this project so it was just a matter of choosing the right shade of this metallic blue

Finishing up the work on the doors

Finally the day has come ! We painted the E30 M3 Touring project !

Time to put this puzzle together !

Installing new windshield

Custom music installation: Nakamichi CD 400 head Unit, Kicker box, JL Audio and Alpine speakers, Alpine pdx SUB, custom wiring, ETC..

Engine bay shaving and Painting along with Engine custom work by AMS



PS: want to thank all my guys at the shop who put a lot of time, work & sweat into this project. The outcome is amazing ! Also want to thank my buddies who helped me put this thing together. Great job !

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  1. Arseniy
    Arseniy says:

    PIMP my ride has no shit on you guys, srsly thats some sick looking cars you restored, I am reffering not only to this project but all the cars shown on this page. Awesome, great job!

  2. Isaac Andrews
    Isaac Andrews says:

    That is by far the best Touring I have seen. Your work is my inspiration, I hope mine will look like this one day. Absolutely love it! Thank you for proving it is possible.

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