So there I was, running a GT71R with terrible IAT issues. So what did I do? Pull my engine and do a PTE 5857 build. It was the only logical choice that I had.

I’m bored at work, so I figured that I would start my build thread.

I have some really crappy pics that I took with my crappy cell phone (I know, double fail) and so I only have terrible pics to show you as of now. I’ll take better ones later.

As far as the build goes, I want to keep it pretty basic.

– IE rods w/ stock pistons new rings and rod bearings
– A refreshing hone for the block
– Port and polish AMB head
– AEB intake mani
– Exhaust valves
– Supertech valve springs w/ titanium retainers
– Stock cams (as of right now)

– Probably Unitronic or Maestro… I want to run 1000cc injectors, so whoever can give me tuning for it
– 005 intank pump
– stock fuel lines w/ “returnless” system

– Treadstone TR10 w/ custom 2.5″ piping
– Possibly W/M

-Turbo Stuff
– PTE HP5857SP (running like, 1 million PSI)
– Hoping the Treadstone manifold will fit, otherwise idk
– Tial wastegate
– Hallman MBC

– Custom 3″ downpipe w/ wastegate routed into it
– downpipe -> 24″ cherry bomb 3″ in/out to 2.5″ Y to 2.5″ out the back

I’m sure that I’m forgetting something….


– Something big and ugly from CM. I’ll need to talk to Greg@DTH. I was thinking something like the FX850


Block is honed.
Got the bumper cover to fit tonight. with the help of my irreplaceable buddy glen lol.

Had to take a little bit out of the bumper cover. (i dont want to hear it Doug lol)

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