1991 BMW 325ix E30 AWD, Rare Blue exterior with M3 style shaved doors (no moldings), new custom black recaro leather/cloth interior, clean title, Euro Hella Black/Tinted headlights, slim HIDs/Xenon, 325iS Lower front Lip

This is probably THE MOST documented 325ix you will ever see. It even includes original BMW Window sticker, Original Bill of sale, Original agreement of sale and
ALL SERVICE RECORDS since day 1! All books and brochures are also included!

Mechanically the car is EXCELLENT ! AMS Autowerks in Linden, NJ perfored the mechanical work where they replaced the following :

Timing Belt
Timing Belt Tensioner
Timing Belt Tensioner Spring
Timing Belt Tensioner Guide Pin
Cam Seal and O-Ring
Water Pump
Thermostat O-Ring
Valve Adjustment
Valve Cover Gasket
Spark Plugs
Alternator Belt
Power Steering Belt
Air Compressor Belt
BMW Coolant
Oil Filter
synthetic Engine Oil
Fuel Filter
Transmission Filter
Transmission Fluid
Transfer Case Fluid
Front Differential Fluid
Rear Differential Fluid
Brand New Stainless steel exhaust system
Exhaust manifold shields
Rear suspension antiroll bar links

New Battery

We performed complete paint job and also shaved the moldings off on the doors like on an E30 M3, in addition – the engine bay was also painted. We also installed brand new Euro Hella Black/Tinted headlights, slim HIDs/Xenon, 325iS Lower front Lip, new sunroof seal, new window seals, refinished factory 15″ basket weaves and installed brand new, custom BMW e30 comfort interior featuring front heated seats and rear ski pass seat with real recaro cloth and leather. New Roundels (Front and Rear), custom all weather rubber mats (front and rear)

 photo 20150206_151841_resized_zpsydfqk8bo.jpg

 photo 20150206_152045_resized_zpsj40v1nwn.jpg

 photo 20150113_140124_resized_zps2ebeyhrh.jpg

 photo 20150113_140142_resized_zpsc3ozmplb.jpg

 photo 20150206_153402_resized_zpsjfoim3wf.jpg

 photo 20150303_121409_resized_zpso3ze8jdr.jpg

 photo 20150303_140258_resized_zpstgsemmri.jpg

 photo 20150120_144536_resized_zps6rbwwe5f.jpg

 photo 20150309_115345_resized_zpshl1jbblh.jpg

 photo 20150309_115356_resized_zpseyngderu.jpg

 photo 20150303_165301_resized_zps6ttxfrqm.jpg

 photo 20150309_115401_resized_zpsuynhhgkh.jpg

 photo 20150309_115352_resized_zpsilcgfopc.jpg

 photo 20150309_164537_resized_zpsnoewcvtc.jpg

 photo 20150309_164605_resized_zpsf4nrunuz.jpg

 photo 20150310_140957_resized_zpsbqrmndqi.jpg

 photo 20150310_133242_resized_zpsocgqfrkb.jpg

 photo 20150310_141010_resized_zpsp5nmifh9.jpg

 photo 20150310_162508_resized_zpssizxssjg.jpg

 photo 20150310_162517_resized_zpskgkcga3c.jpg

 photo 20150311_155158_resized_zps6fid2zj9.jpg

 photo 20150311_155210_resized_zps7ub0suz5.jpg

 photo 20150311_155227_resized_zpsl1lssogt.jpg

 photo 20150313_162226_resized_zpsylda5dmd.jpg

 photo 20150313_162235_resized_zpscjvhqca0.jpg

 photo 20150312_092006_resized_zpsqmfewxxn.jpg

And finally the finished Car !

 photo 20150502_141833_resized_zpsbtivbfpd.jpg

 photo 20150502_141843_resized_zpsapjsjak4.jpg

 photo 20150502_141957_resized_zpsvzq5t4xr.jpg

 photo 20150502_142627_resized_zpscqnpmxfh.jpg

 photo 20150502_142952_resized_zpsds9jiwcp.jpg

 photo 20150502_142913_resized_zpsqliwk2pb.jpg

 photo 20150502_143233_resized_zpsisagnim1.jpg

 photo 20150502_143239_resized_zps5mdqvrvg.jpg

 photo 20150502_160805_resized_zpsorti5th2.jpg

 photo 20150502_160754_resized_zpsrxxp5hbg.jpg

 photo 20150502_161005_resized_zpsfftzhzyt.jpg

 photo 20150502_161022_resized_zpsvr7zocmt.jpg

 photo 20150502_153747_resized_zpsgd6324rm.jpg

 photo 20150502_153759_resized_zpsug7vostq.jpg

 photo 20150502_160431_resized_zpsyvoxogwk.jpg

 photo 20150504_212808_resized_zpszjqnz9ai.jpg

 photo 20150504_211421_resized_zpshcfbdyom.jpg

original window sticker !

 photo 20150504_212742_resized_zps5ievoqbh.jpg

 photo 20150504_132214_resized_zpswswij3n1.jpg

 photo 20150502_143122_resized_zpsu5tffikz.jpg

 photo 20150502_142913_resized_zpsqliwk2pb.jpg

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