This E30 M3 was shipped to us from Virginia for the complete paint job. Although the car looked good from the distance, 20 plus years of driving and few minor mishaps had to be fixed and the car had to be like new again, so we started the work. –

We filled the rear bumper lights area to match the EVOIII front bumper


Getting the car and the parts ready for paint

Painted !!!



Buffing the car

Putting it together


This car really shines and is beautiful ! Another E30 restoration complete !

To see more of my e30 restorations, just click on my user name CARRERABOY

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  1. koliagrek
    koliagrek says:

    hi, i am new to the forum,all of your cars are just beautiful. i just recently purchased 89 m3, i was wondering if you can just roughly tell an estimate to completely rebuild it,paint,engine,tranny,interior. i know it is hard to throw a number without seeing what are you dealing with but i need to know how much i need to come up with. If you have something interesting for sale i might be interested.


    my email is

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