This project began on September 11th 2010 and was finished on July 4th 2011.When I got this car it was an automatic (blown transmission), painted army green with brush (seriously!), rusted out 1989 E30!

This is what this sad car looked like

As you can see, I was collecting parts long before the restoration started

First thing we had to do was fix the body and get rid of all the rust, so the work has started

since we were going to rebuild the motor and do the 5 speed swap, we pulled the whole drivetrain out

Work was done on the engine and we started to put it together, this engine got the whole remake!

Old suspension went straight to garbage

new brakes

Engine bay received some massaging and was resprayed in the new color, techno age space silver

Some of the work that was going on at the same time

The work on the body has continued

and we started to assemble the drivetrain

newly rebuilt 3:73 LSD

Factory 5 Speed Gearbox

shaving the e30 doors to look like M3 doors

Rolling the fenders



fitting the side skirts

Started to paint some of the parts



work on front bumper

rear bumper

fender flares

more work on the body before the paint

and finally the PAINT JOB !

first the door jambs

remember we completely changed the color of this car!

after the paint job

the mess we had to sort out !

last touches

new catalytic converter and exhaust

and finally ! pics of the finished car !

The Interior features full European Handstooth Sport interior, heated front seats, rear head rests!
Brand New Evo II steering wheel, BMW ZHP shift knob, German flag shift booth, custom E30 Cluster, Euro clock, ACS pedals, latest Alpine headline and many many more custom pieces…

The car features Euro Smoked Smiley headlights with HID Xenon, Euro Front grills, New BMW Kidney grill, new Fog lights, brand new Taild lights with new gaskets, etc..

custom 16×8.5 with 2″ lips and 16×9 2.5″ lips Fully rebuild BBS RS 3 piece rims with new Japanese Falken 215/40/16 tires


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  1. Dan
    Dan says:

    Hey Vlad, love your work. Just looked you up online, and i’m a local guy from North Jersey as well. I’m looking to have an e30 made, if you wouldn’t mind, can you email me @ “”, to further discuss? Thanks- Dan

  2. Jacob
    Jacob says:

    Hey Vlad,

    Just discovered your work and am a big fan of your restorations. This one being one of my favourites.

    I am curious if you have a current email that I can use to get into contact with you? I have recently purchased myself an E30 and am looking for tips on how to cost effectively do it up. It’s not a huge restoration job as I am young and just looking to do it up to a higher standard.

    Any help/contact would be appreciated!



  3. Jules
    Jules says:


    Nice work on that Bmw ! looks awesome !!

    I am new to all the car restoration/modification stuff so I’d like to ask you; the side skirts, they are customs ?
    I am looking for E30 1991 4 doors side skirts but can’t find any.


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