I realize that this car is not for everyone but I am sure there are BMW enthusiasts out there who can appreciate the timeless beauty of an E30. This is not just any E30, this car is special in many ways and is quite unique !

What is this car? – It is a clean Title, US spec, 1984 E30 325e converted to 327iS Euro E30 M-tech1 body appearance package using all original Euro OEM parts!
Top quality work, all body/paint/engine/suspension/brakes are in excellent condition!


The motor/transmission and gearbox were rebuilt less than 38k miles ago. Timing Belt, Water Pump, Full Tune up were done less than 3k miles ago

M20 motor was rebuilt using 2.7L block and 2.5L iS head, new gaskets, hoses, new timing belt, water pump, full tune-up (filters, plugs, etc..)

This motor pulls really hard, the car is very very quick with a nice power torque curve, it has a lot of power in low and high RPMs with nice mid range ooohmpp. There are no hick-ups, no dead zone in low RPMs, this car is fully capable of being a daily driver as well as canyon rocket, it can handle any kind of task you throw at it, this motor is surprisingly capable and is really fun.


Front M3 Koni Adjustable Shocks, M3 rear Boggie shocks, H&R Lowering Springs, M3 sway bar links, M3 18.5 front and M3 14.5 rear anti-roll bars , new pads, new engine mounts, new bushings,etc… All Brakes were replaced. This car handles like a dream and stops amazingly, everything works and everything is in excellent condition! Very smooth, non harsh ride !


Full custom interior – the seats were just re-done in beautiful Black leather with orange stitching and grey piping – amazing quality and look !

Front Sport E30 M3 spec HEATED Sport Seats, black perforated centers, leather bolsters, orange stitching
Rear Seats, black perforated centers, leather bolsters, orange stitching
Excellent condition black door cards! Custom dyed in black rear parcel shelf
Custom Instrument cluster – titanium rings, red needles, Alpina RPM decal
OMP style suede Steering wheel with MOMO hub
New Leather Shift and Emergency Brake Boots both with German Flags
New ZHP shift knob
New BMW Pedals, RARE Euro Clock !


Produced for only 1 year in this Hennarot Color, this E30 features Euro Bumpers, Euro M-Tech 1 appearance package including front airdam (with E30 M3 fog lights), Side skirts, Rear Apron and E28 M-tech1 rear spoiler.
Genuine French Hella headlights with rare Euro headlight Wipers, Euro Grills, Euro rear plate cover, etc…


New set of Diamond Racing wheels with New Toyo Proxes T1R tires, size 195-45-15

SOME OF MY OTHER PROJECTS CAN BE SEEN HERE: https://mybuildgarage.com/author/carreraboy/

orange powder-coated Engine Skid plate guard (protects lowered car from any oil pan damage)

This car looks, drives, performs amazingly !

to see more of my work just click on my user name CARRERABOY

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  1. swia9c
    swia9c says:

    Hey Carreraboy, Love the work on the BMW 325s, they look amazing, I wanted to ask you if you could tell me what the offset was on the diamond wheels you have on the 1984 BMW 325, I reallu like the stance it gives and would like to get a similiar set for my 1985 BMW 325E.

  2. Tom Dadian
    Tom Dadian says:

    Nice job, you paid attention to the details. I have a 1982 Euro 320i which I put a 1989 325i engine in and am now in the process of restoring.

    Nice Work

  3. Hendrik
    Hendrik says:

    Very nice car! Love the wheels, M-tech1 package and color (and actually everything else. Great Job! I wish I knew you were there when I was driving by that location in September 2011…

    Best regards,

  4. Eric
    Eric says:

    Dear Carreraboy,

    I am interested in purchasing an E30 BMW from you, or perhaps even having one build. Please contact me when available to properly communicate a purchase or build.

    Kind Regards,
    786-942-2117 (cell)

  5. Jason
    Jason says:

    Beautiful car!!!
    My question is do you find with the stroked engine that you have enough power? I’m debating what I should do with my for my restoration, and am stuck on the power plant? I didn’t drive it much prior to the strip down, but am using it as a summer driver, so do you think that the torque would be enough from the M20? I’m thinking of going with an Irland Engineering 3.0 litre stroker kit? Any input would be appreciated.

  6. Tony Novo
    Tony Novo says:

    Beautiful car!
    Amazing work! I live in the Southwest U.S and am near an airforce base. A few years ago I was able to purchase a direct german imported bmw e30 designated 320 with an m20. I got it super cheap because the German Air force officer who owned it did not want to pay to ship it back to germany. It was not running when I bought it but just replaced some relays and had it running once again. My car has that exact clock as well.
    I love the e30’s and your car and your work has inspired me to build something like yours or build it for autocross racing.I cannot register the car here legally because it was sold to me without a title and because the vin# is a european vin#. I also have 2 e21’s, a beautiful e24 1989 635csi,and a 1992 e34 525iT wagon.
    Again great job, nice garage/shop! Amazing!

  7. Justin
    Justin says:

    Tony, to register your Euro Vin car you will need to contact your local Gov office. The DMV should be able to give you a number to contact an agent at your local field office. FBI, here in Georgia it is the GBI, so not shure what state you live in but you will have to contact them and let them know you need to register a European vehicle. They will set up a time to come meet you and view the car. It’s a basic walk around, kick the tires. Yup looks good to me. And the agent will fill out a form with vehicle information and sign. You take the copy to the DMV and they will register the car (minus one number) in the VIN and mail you your new Title. Also you shouldn’t have to deal with emissions since the car is over 25 years old. I’ve seen various ways people have gotten title’s for Euro cars over here, but this has worked for me. I have an 84 M6 (owned for 20 years) and 20k plus invested over purchase price of car, 84 Golf GTI (round Headlight) 2 not 4 which was 1 of 2 84 Golf not Rabbit GTI’s built for commercial (demo) for US market, 91 E34 Euro w/89 build date Macuwa Blu only one in US similar colar to Mystic Cobra Mustang in 99 that changes color from Purple to Grey, full leather unlike US E34’s dash, center console, rear consol, pillars, full doors, 4 bucket seats, trailer hitch (factory) 8 & 9″ unlike 8’s front & rear on US models. Also 170mph governor US are 155mph and 315hp. Neat cars, sold my 95 E34 3.8l 6 speed w/14″ fr floating rotors w/motorsports large calipers and sunroof delete w/cloth interior. Also sold E34 Wagon owned for a while. You should be able to get a agent to come verify you have a real car with 4 tires and steering wheel and get a title issued. I know, rediculus but where there’s a will there’s s way. Gov, got to love it. There’s always the old cookies and sweet talk some ol lady at the DMV to just enter 16 instead of 17. You never know. To carreraboy, wicked rides. Great builds and attention to details. Beautiful cars. Food for thought. Ever driven a Hartage 5 or 6 with their race box w/first gear being where 2nd is on a standard H. Would like to see you find and redue a Hartage 535.. Driven a few. They aren’t an autobahn car by any means but wicked red light to red light. Also have a original set of 3 piece BBS built in 84 and installed on my 84 M6 in Germany. After it left the factory, when the original owner (Doctor) from Atlanta flew over and picked his car up. They are 16×9 & 16×9 1/2 talked to the boys at BBS and they want me to bring them by, just haven’t gotten around to it. I am 20 min from BBS. I have to many wheels from them and can’t remember the number’s on them at the moment. John says they are rare. In excellent shape, never curbed, dinged etc. They are black, would have them redone, powdercoat centers, and inners, use new hardware and outers, you know the drill. Don’t need anymore. Running Forgeline 17’s. Have photo’s and all numbers and info if interested for a future project. Will have John look at them and can hold them till needed. Don’t need to sell but willing to.. To see them go to good use. Flatout79@gmail.com

  8. Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez says:

    Vlad I’m impressed with the quality of your work .Always been a fan of BMW e30s for sometime but haven’t had a chance to come across one .Can you let me know if you have any for sale at your shop., prices & models will be appreciated .Thanks again keep up the good work.

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