This was the restoration work we have done on another E30. This was a rare calypso red 1992 Model.

This is how we got the car

The work started the next day !

New Timing Belt, Tensioner, Water Pump, Valve adjustment, full tune up !

all new suspension goes in

lowering springs

body work started

stripping the paint on the hood

car is in primer

fresh paint !

individual parts painted

wet sand and buff

new custom ordered color matching convertible top

pics of the finished car

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  1. Dave Homerding
    Dave Homerding says:

    very cool project- I just found this website; I bought an ’88 325i convertible in September and drove it home and started taking it apart, she’s getting a Metric Mechanic 2900 HiFlo (M-20) engine, zionsville radiator, header w/ free flow exhaust and K&N cold air intake, right now I’m in the middle of suspension/brakes rebuild,(+paint,top,interior) hope to have her on the road in the spring and drive to the e30 Picnic in Tacoma (From Colorado)

  2. Handcrafted Jewelry Art
    Handcrafted Jewelry Art says:

    Great restoration job!
    Thanks for all the great pictures.
    I have an ’89 e30 convertible that I love.
    I am looking into a ’92 and found your post while researching it.
    I like the modern bumpers of the ’92 better than the “diving boards” of my ’89.

    Have fun driving it.

  3. Vlad
    Vlad says:

    thanks guys ! E30 restorations are my specialty !
    Swapping plastic bumpers in place of diving board is not that difficuilt, just have to have all the parts and do a little bit of work

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