This is what it looked like before I started working on it

I did a little bit of mocking up of the front end, just to see how everything will come together, and it got me even more motivated to get this beast done…

So I put the driver side radius rod in to see if it fit, it does but there is almost no room for suspension travle befor it hits the crank pully. Who else has this problem?

another pic

pic of the clearance from manifold to firewall

I finished that up a few hours ago 



Slicks on just for fun

got my skinnies, FINALLY

Heres what I did the past few days

Dirty wheel well

clean wheel well

and wheel well sprayed with some truck bed liner

cleaned up
ALL the suspension parts and painted them

changed the front wheel bearings with home made press and poped in all new wheel studs

Now I’m waiting for the new inner with boots and outer tie rod ends to come in along with new steering rack and sway bar end link bushings to also come in, Then I’ll be able to finish up putting in all the front suspension befor I start working on the back.

got some parts today, but the boots are missing  so now I’m waiting for those to come in…

Heres a update, when I got the brake pads a while back the dude gave me the wrong set, and I just found that out last night  so now I have to get them exchanged befor I can finish the front brakes… Still waiting for the tie rod boots, and I put the shifter in to see how it feels 

small update……

preped up engine bay a little

Rust repair on corner/edge were weather strip goes in hatch jamb, all fiberglassed up along with the hole for the wire harness to the hatch. Passenger side door and fender done a driver side fender done

What a mess 

Small update, put the T fitting for oil line to turbo and installed the new rear brakes.

Mad teflon skilz y0


only one side done so far…

and a small problem 

I got the trailing arm bushings out easily with a hammer, but now I have to figure out how to seperate the rubber from the metal pieces….. any ideas???

heres some recent pics 

update!!! bodywork

took out crossmember so no over spray gets on it

just got some more stuff today 

and some pics of the engine bay…….

antenna done…

Driver side door done…


Ready for paint….

White base



ECU covers

small problem…

Changed the clutch/fly and put motor in 

With lots of cutting and trimming, finally got the iat to fit 

Found a hose that fits perfect 

another paint shot

and more pics

Some new pics…

Did this today

got some fresh air today and finished the driver side wire tuck 

most recent pics 

here are some stats…
at idle when cold= 56-58psi of oil press. (600-700rpm)
at idle when warmed up= 19-20 psi of oil press. (750rpm)

Compression test today shows:
#1 260psi
#2 265psi
#3 265psi
#4 265psi
only got a pic of #4, forgot to take pics of the rest

and a pic with the slicks & skinnies on

redid oil drain

pics from today 

put the bumpers on 

Pics from a few hours ago 

Installed the boost soleniod today 

New Honda parts 

Finished a harrness today 



Throttle body to intercooler pipe is done, forgot to take a pic. Heres what I got so far for the turbo to intercooler.

Picture of ground clearance

heres that IAT pic

and the most recent 

Got board so I did this to the cam gears

Wheel alignment and dump tube got pushed back till wed.
Finished the turbo to intercooler plumbing.

Dump tube and wheel alignment done, ended up with more space behind the rad. than I thought, when I get some new push through ties for the fan I’ll put it behind the rad. 

coustom cam gear cover 

And for all the pm’s about what the oil drain looks like 

Got some new stuff 

old stuff…

new stuff…

Clean head!

Pic of new disk…

A few cellphone pics of the air scoop/duct to the turbo, alt tensioner, and battery box…

Cam gears almost done, just need to be painted now…

Also got this today.

Here’s a sneek peek of the valve cover…
Four -10 bungs for the catch can, shaved throttle cable bracket things & pcv vent that goes to the intake tube (the other one will be plugged), and cut cam gear cover. Still needs paint 

Lug nuts came in today!

Got my ARP studs today!

Battery died so I didn’t get a lot of pics…

Here’s what I got thus far on the brake line tuck, not done yet…

pic of my stok pulley that I made a tad bit thinner & the alt tensioner I fabed up to clear air duct to turbo…

Trans I did for a friend, I’m waiting for a shim befor I can put the case back on.

and my new lug nuts and studs.

BLT done!

No bulkheads cause I am too lazy 

New home for catch can

16ga sheet metal block off

Battery tray mounted

New oil drain location

Gromets that fit perfect

Holes in rear bumper

Battery soleniod & master cut off switch done.

Battery terminals

Installed fuel press. sensor

A few pics…

Put the slicks on today

This is the tire turned all the way to the left

Push lock fittings 

Better pics of the right front tire clearance.

Relocated oil filter

Still have to put a bracket on the hoses to the shock tower to keep away from belt.

Clears slicks just fine.

Measured the distance in red and got 2 inches also cut plastic iner fender thing.

Few new pics…

Car is not done yet, where your ETs at??? :p

Some new pics, car is almost done! Just need my TunerView, P28, and Neptune RTP from Kenny… Also some interior wireing needs to be finished up, ride hight/ alignment, and a few other minor misc….

No, not done yet but it’s getting there!

A few new pics…

Ground clearance…


some pics 

New To Do list:
Finish gauge display
Finalize interior wiring
Do an oil change
Clean interior
Fix small leak
Wheel alignment

A few new pics!

Pic of the TunerView II display that I made, didn’t come out as good as I wanted it to, but it only cost me 5 bucks to make so I’m not worried bout it…

Update, couldn’t get the car tuned, clutch started slipping on the dyno…

I have no idea why the pucks are wearing unevenly but they are, maybe the pp is weak idk… Also broke the alt tensioner and the dump tube hanger, once everything is fixed and back together it’ll be back on the dyno!

Pucks on flywheeel side: mostly wearing on the outside of the pucks.

Pucks on pressure plate side: mostlt wearing on the inside of the pucks.

Sold my old fuel pump and am gunna get a new Walbro 255, Got this today 

Some pics…

So I finally mounted the air scoop that I was procrastinating on doing, came out decent…

Got a new Walbro 255 and put it in today.

Also, got a few new toys  90% of everything is on order, should get everything I ordered in two weeks or so!

The car is 95% done and ready for a toon, just waiting on a clutch now… 

As most of you know by now, I blew up the motor! Low commpression in to cylinders and it’s making a “knocking” sound… I took the engine apart to find everything in awesome condition with the exception of two bent rods in cylinders 1 & 2!!! #2 was bent enough to were it was hitting the bottom of the cylinder/ sleeve (explains the “knocking” sound), beside for those two bent rods everything looks good inside. I am not shure what or how it happened maybe got water inside idk…

My goal for this motor was to run 10’s on stock internals and that is what I still plan on doing! 

Got new OEM Honda rings from Kenny last night and ordered ACL bearing (main, rod, and thrust)
Working a deal on some stock rods right now, then all I’ll need is a new OEM HG, oil pan gasket, and I’ll be back in action!!!! Hope to have it tooned and ready for VTEC Day @ PBIR on Nov. 14th

A few pics of the carnage wich there was not much of…


Dirty block

Hand cleaned, Hot tanked, Preassure washed, and Air blowed block

Media Blasted and prepped surfaces.

This is how it sits as of now.

Lazy today… rings are still on the loose side, oil rings are really loose! Loose enough to make me want to reuse my old ones 

clear coated pics…


ACL is out of stock on H22 main and rod bearings, so I had to switch my order to Clevite 77 main and rod bearings with ACL thrust washers. They finally got sent out a couple days ago and should be here on the 8th  mind you I have been trying to get bearings for almost 6 weeks…

The head is clean and just needs to be assembled.
The fuel setup is assemble, just waiting on a -6 union, (for the return) that is on back order (should be here on the 27th), and my injectors from Kenny!

Car should be ready for a tune early Janurary!!!! 

Eliminated the oil cooler/ blocked coolant ports, oil filter now clears catch tank.

Bearings came in three days early 

Block is together…

Motor is almost 100% together…

Forgot the stock rods pic… 

Car is done, should be on the dyno soon! 

ahhhhw snAps

Beast mode!!!

3.5+” of hood spacers looks REDICULOUS I don’t care what anyone says!!!!!!!

Better pics of the valve cover not clearing the hood……

Before and after!!!

Not done yet..

The class I plan on racing in requires a dash, door panels, and carpet…

Almost done with the interior…

This is what hood hinges look like on my car… :p

Block-off I made in place of radio and climate controls.

Custom pedals.

Long story short.
2-15-10 we put the car on some scales to see what it weighs, 1799  made some tweaks and got the front, left to right with in a couple pounds of each other!!

2-17-10 we put the car on the dyno, made 437whp and 270wtq on pump gas (I forget the boost)
on Q16 we made around the same peak hp but ramped the boost etc. and picked up around 100whp in the mid range and tq peaked at 345 
After the dyno we loaded up and went to the track, issues on the track caused them to shut down before I could make a pass.

2-19-10 we head back to the track, had nothing but issues and on a REALLY BAD run managed to trap 130, car will pull 135+ (I can feel it  )

2-20-10 we got to the track just a hair too late and TnT runs were done with no qualifying for the 10.50 class  (waste of a day)

2-21-10 I get one qualifying run that was horrible but managed the best 60′ to date from the car ( 1.61 )
Had some problems with the map (I ruined it) got the car on the dyno at the track and Kenny fixed it all up  wasn’t trying to tune for power just trying to get it running right before eliminations…… made 418 btw on like 12lbs.
Made it to the lanes with minutes to spare and had a pretty good run (would have deff been a ten sec pass) until 4th gear, just wouldn’t go in….. coasted the rest of the way.

As of now I have clutch/ flywheel/ flywheel spacer issues, not entirely sure whats going on, need to take it all apart and evaluate the situation.

A few pics.

Pump gas…

Did this today…

NepTune/ MSD 2step!!! (soft touch rev)

Installed vibration mounts.

Put the car back together with the same disk and the same flywheel but with the QSD chromolly spacer and a old/ used ACT pp….

Pics from Thursday…

Finnally got my new clutch!!!! Hope it works well.

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