I picked up a stock 1988 wagon and started going to work, here are a few pictures


Cleaned up nicely

Shaved the plate mounts and painted the bumpers with bumper coating.

Ending result.

I also bought a Volvo lip then sanded, painted, cleared, wet sanded and polished with spray paint.

So I didn’t like the stock wagon seats, they were ripped and unconfortable so I bought some blue 1990 integra seats from a wrecking yard for 60 bucks which match my dash perfectly lol soon after setting the stock wagon seat and the Integra seat side by side. I realized that the rails were completely different as well as the seat pans. So I took one rail off the stock wagon seat and welded it onto the teg seat. to my surprise it turned out awesome and the seats don’t just fit amazing they work! haha
heres some pictures!

teg seats

Wagon seat rail.

I took a picture of the wrong side haha sorry! think backwards haha

started welding

Wagon rail getting tacked on.

Ending result .

Painted the Side Skirts and Trim




I decided to do black housing headlights on an EF becouse I have never seen it before. So my Buddy brian came over and we do it in like an Hour.

Headlights out:

Used a Heat gun to seperate Glass and housing:

Found this strange box in there, Didn’t like it so we took it out, haha (Wee Part):

Much Better:

Masking off glass:

Masked Housing:

Both Painted:


Both Black housing headlights in Wagon:

Some stuff I ordered arrived in the mail today.

GodSpeed type RS full race suspension. (thanks for the recomendation 1991KA8)
Went to like 3 different places to get an alignment but no one will do it!
Front lip is literally an inch from the ground.
Rides really amazing.

All in a days work!

dragging flaps!!!!

Sportmax 501’s 205/45/r16 +15 offset

New roof rack and front rear tow hooks.

Just got back from tour after being gone for 28 days finally getting on my swap. i just ordered all the parts and cleaned up the motor! here are some pics!

Thought it was apart time to take the worthless slow abomination of honda d15b2 out and swap it with an engine not much faster! haha here are some pictures of my progress so far .

Look closely at my mounts. Homemade solid mounts  I used high strength urethane

almost done!!!!!

I plan on going forced induction. probably a super charger because everyone goes boost.

Here are some pictures.

Here are some updates I ended up blowing up my d16z6 after 1000 miles do to buying a mystery engine =( Anyways I had a d15b7 from an eg laying around so I swapped that in for now and plan on doing a mini with my z6 parts. Here are some pics of my car from yesterday

Roommate wagons.

D15b7 LMAO soon to be a mini me

Back to being vtec! I had the head lying around so why not?

Now a mini me. OEM airbox looks a lot cleaner then an intake to me.

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  1. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Wonderful job !!! really cool stuff you did. i have a civic 88 EX also and wish to do work like you but dont have that much technical knowledge 🙁

  2. Roja dev
    Roja dev says:

    Sup bro.. I’m the guy that own the gray civic wagon in Renton Fairwood. I’m Really looking forward getting this rig running right and would like to do over the clutch or tranny issue. Is it ok to stay on the DPFI tranny or go with a S20 tranny found on most 92-95 civic. Did u change your tranny on yours or change it as well with a older si/ex tranny with cable selector for easy swap. What tranny are you using now mated with your engine set up. Would really appreciate your reply. Thanks and have a good one.

  3. lee sulung
    lee sulung says:

    I got Civil 91′ year sedan for since Jan 1991 till now 2012. I seen you worked very wonderful work technical with your civil wagon.very Good good .

  4. Deshawn C
    Deshawn C says:

    I picked up a 89 wagon and plan to do alot of things you have done already mines a RT4WD, But my plan is to swap for the same engine but build it before driving it, I love yours and hope to have mines looking like this!

  5. Fabio
    Fabio says:

    Can I put a 1990 integra ls motor and tranny in a 1988 honda civic shell 4 door the ls is stick and the civic shell is auto if I can what exctaly do I need to the swap?????

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