This is the last of the e30 verts that I had in my yard. I bought it last year and just got the chance to bring it inside the shop.

It will get plastic bumperes swap + tricked front airdam, side skrts and rear valance, it will be dropped on some dope rims, it will get new top as well. The interior is already fixed, seats were partially recovered, few other small parts and updates will follow (MOMO, etc..)

just started to take it appart

3rd brake light eliminated and the holes are welded

All the dents, scratches and other imprefections are getting fixed

Plastic bumpers and front valance are ready for the swap

more pics to follow tomorrow..

few more pics from today:

working on side skirts

late style valance for plastic bumpers is on (test-fit)

bumprs are appart, dents are fixed, ready for primer

car is primered

different parts and trims are primered

my friend and I went and picked up a used convertible top with the frame in MINT condition today (black in color), so I am very happy that I don’t have to put the new top on by myself ! 

And, these 2 sets are now in my warehouse, both are 4×100, the gold set is 6.5×15 ET 25 BBS RS 031 and the silver set is 7×15 ET 16 RS 070 (these are supposed to be super-duper rare), enjoy the porn

This morning on the way to Azevedo for the motor swap

and in the shop, ripping the old motor out

anyway, the old motor is out of my vert

the suspension is on ! Bilstein sports with H&R springs

update on the
car, different parts are painted

the car will be painted today, will post more pics later

just painted and cleared

the car is being buffed/polished

front polished

back to putting the car together, few pics from today

front is almost completeted ! Will re-install the windshield, put all the interior back together, put the mirrors and sideskirts on and then put together the rear, more pics are coming !

OK MAJOR UPDATE – it’s getting closer to the completion !

Just need to install the Reiger side skirts and the rear bumper with ACS valence (it will get painted tomorrow)

bought mint condition tail lights but the gaskets were shot

here we go – new gaskets !

then Levent ZM-Blue-Devil came in and installed the cluster with painted needles, Metal rings and an Alpina decal

Levent also helped me BIG TIME by bringing his magic box full of cleaning solutions, just take a look at the carpet and the seats



the seats

also, I finally balanced the rims/tires and put them on the car

DTMs (seen on the on the driver’s side)

or Stock OEM (seen on the on the passenger’s side)

Levent working his magic on the convertible boot cover (black dye)

Viper alarm being installed

few little updates:

went to the dealer to pick up couple of small items, turns out, they had the rear window gaskets in stock (the original ones were shot), so I grabbed them. Makes the appearance a little cleaner

new gasket next to the old one

in place

the bumper and rear valence needed a little bit of work, so it was all completed today, may get painted tomorrow !

I may have the car 95% completed by this weekend 

Back to the project – with Leven’t help (thanks bro!) put on the rear bumper and the side skirts, car looks sick in person ! The vert is very dusty in these pics, but this will give you an idea of what to expect. Just waiting for the cross drilled rotors to come in, will do the exhaust and few other small bits and pieces, and basically she will be ready next week (or so I hope)

had bunch of stuff done yesterday (valve adjustment, maintainence, etc..)

now just waiting on all new crossed drilled rotors/pads to finish up the project

almost done !

did some major work on it during the weekend –

changed rear brakes

Bilsteins with H&Rs

new front brakes, control arms, sway bar links, control arm bushings, new tire rods, new balljoints, etc..etc…

also, working on my hard top for the M3 Vert at the same time

will take the car for the wheel alignment tomorrow and then have to finish up the exhaust…

here are few fresh pics

next to the M3 vert

anyway, finished the exhaust today, came out rather nice, Azevedo did the work

Levent chilling and wishing he had a vert now 

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  1. wheel tools
    wheel tools says:

    Hi, this is a very interesting blog page and ive enjoyed reading many of the articles and posts contained on the website, keep up the good work and hope to read some more interesting content in the future.

  2. Mr. Mike
    Mr. Mike says:

    Hey guys…

    I have this EXACT car, but mine is a 1992 325iC.. I’m very interested in the entire front valance/lip/spoiler, as well as the side skirts.. look is totally EXCELLENT. Also, do you know what my wheel specs are? I know its a 4×100, but I’m not exactly sure about the centerbore & offset.. I’m going to do new wheels in spring.. I’ve also got LED tailites, coming in from Britian.. I’ll hit you pics, this spring!! Take care..
    Mike V.

  3. dino
    dino says:

    Interested to visit the shop, very impressed on the work done on your vert. I also have a 1992 e30 318ic 5speed white. If i could get the address and contact number, I’m from Jersey too. tnx

  4. Andres
    Andres says:

    Hey man first off all I gotta hand it to you dude, you do the best restorations of E30’s i’ve seen! I’m a graduate from high school and I’m restoring a convertible myself and I would like to know if you can inform me on switching the metal bumpers to the plastic ones. What do I exactly have to do if you dont mind me asking???

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