After quick search we found clean 318iS. It had few dings and usual trouble spots.

as soon as the car got to my shop we ripped it appart. I wish we took more pics of how it looked before we started this restoration

Levent did his usual magic on the cluster: rings, painted needles and Alpina tach strip

then he pretended to work on the Alpina front airdam (note the missing airhose) 1:

usual battery tray cancer and minor damage on the back valence

took the interior out, already replaced the steering wheel

smoked the tails

started with the bodywork, getting rid of all the minor dings, chips and imprefections

Rolled the fenders


decided to clean the engine bay a little – valve cover getting prepped

painted the engine bay




next was suspension and brakes

rebuilt and painted the calipers, all new stainless steel lines, new rotors, new pads

new shocks, springs, control arms, tire rods, bushings, etc..etc…

new tranny mounts, guibo, short shifter

$600 worth of just maintainence parts: hoses, filters, spark plugs, water pump, gaskets, etc..etc…

after the complete tune-up we replaced the windshield wiper and relay that were frozen and installed single wiper conversion

waiting to do more prep work before the paint job on Monday !

Mark D chip installation

cleaning the old dirt out

applying the heat reflective sheets

looks nice and clean (the inside of the hood was already repainted)

car is getting ready to get painted on Monday !

in the meantime, guys came in and ripped the parts car like a bunch of hungry lions 

more pics to come

as promised – paint work already started on Monday

going into the spray booth for masking and paint jobnote the Single wiper conversion

it will be white in 2 hours !

P-A-I-N-T-E-D and C-L-E-A-R-E-D !

One car dies and goes to heaven while donating the parts for future e30 restorations 

Few more pics before we start putting it together

This is the first out of 3 sets of rims that I have for this car

dyed the rear parcel shelf black

my friend Levent came in and did the usual magic dyeing the headliner black, it looks awesome

Turner Motorsports exhaust

I am thinking about light bronze tint for this car…

slowly but surely it’s getting there

UPDATE:almost finished re-doing the carpet ! Another coat or 2 and it will be black !


after (not 100% done)

and this is a little teaser

UPDATES: replaced the engine oil yesterday (Mobil1 15×50 synthetic), also replaced the 18 year old radiator, cleaned the condenser, etc..
continued to wetsand, buff and polish this baby today

other little bits and pieces got painted today

I re-wired everything to put the Euro tinted lights in and Turk came in and hooked up the HIDs, all new Euro grills and black kidney grill

Love the HIDs

will start assembling Monday

update: Put the trunk and the hood on teh car today, installed all new seals, aligned them to fit with the rest of the car, friend wired a second light into the trunk (pretty cool) and we will install euro trunk liner tomorrow.
Also did some touch up inside the engine bay, installed new power antena, painted bunch of misc parts

right now waiting for my painter to wetsand and buff the trunk and the hood so that I can put on the bumpers and the moldings, also waiting for the new seats that should be here on Wed.

update:front end is mostly done, didn’t put the roundels or the evo hood seals because the hood needs to be wet sanded and polished, the car will be buffed tomorrow and then I’ll put the skirts and the side moldings and the rest of the pieces

euro trunk trim

second trunk light mod with the euro trunk trim installed

little teaser here:

coming alone nicely, will be awesome once it is all put together !


got the Mtech1 with carbon lip today, will paint it tomorrow

also installed the evo seals in the hood and trunk, looks tights 

also installed new steering rack end-links and some other minor parts, should be able to take it for the wheel alignment tomorrow.

some new pics from today, put the m-tech rear spoiler

few pics from the alignment shop

few more shots of the interior after I installed the passenger seat

lamin-x the fogs and put the tinted turn signals, I think it looks better now

my new sticker

view from behind the wheel

took few new pics


Carbon Fiber AC Schnitzer rep mirrors

evo hood and trunk seals

Carbon Fiber rep M-Tech I rear spoiler

some of the receipts and brochures I have for this e30

interior shot

special order Toyo T1Rs 215/45/15 finally came in

mounting them

the car is less than 1.5″ off the ground

special order Toyo T1Rs 215/45/15 finally came in

mounting them

the car is less than 1.5″ off the ground

anyway, here she is… full proper BBS photoshoot coming soon

Well, the BBS RS with flat caps are on !

Racing Dynamics front valence with M3 fogs (HID)

will get more pics tomorrow when it stops raining

12 replies
  1. Allen Martin
    Allen Martin says:

    I’ve seen this thing through the Ephrata/Lancaster area every now and then. Super SUPER nice build. This is the one car that makes me want an E30 even more! Shows that all you need is something simple and clean looking. Wouldn’t mind getting in touch with you guys just to see what you do. And again, super nice build. Cheers, Allen M.

  2. Thomas D.
    Thomas D. says:

    Vlad… Amazing car… I know this one is gone…Should of bought it when I had the chance..I’m gonna come visit the shop.
    Great work

  3. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Vlad – very nice. What product does L use to dye that headliner!? He does some immaculate work … even without the airlines connected to the power tools.

  4. Paulo
    Paulo says:

    Hi there,

    First of all congrats on the amazing build! Love E30s!

    On a side note…how wide are your 15” wheels? Any feelings about the T1Rs? I was choosing between a 225/50 or 215/45 with 15*7 ET24..

    I just wanna make sure I will have no rubbing and a nice tire/wheel combo.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated, and I would prefer if you could answer through email.

    Thanks and Congrats
    Paulo N.

  5. ghulam younis
    ghulam younis says:

    hi love your restoration jobs nothing can describe the “SICK”
    a have an genuine e30 325 is i want it restored its not in a bad state but wat kinda money u talkin ??
    and arent u in the states??

  6. Reid Mosman
    Reid Mosman says:

    Absolutely stunning. Can I ask what kind of body kit you put on there? I’ve been looking for one just like that — particularly the front bumper. Just beautiful.

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