1988 Honda Crx Rebuild

This is where things started. I was 17, and this '90 Si, started in my possesion with the paint faded to factory primer, so I figured some fresh paint, and a JDM front would clean things up. Bare with me on the pic quality for the red car,…

1986 First Generation Honda CRX Si Build

This clean CRX belongs to Dan T. of North Carolina.He took a shell and turned it into one of the cleanest and well built first generation Honda CRX we have seen so far. This is his build and story.Most up to date Specs list: 1986…

H2B Turbo Honda CRX Build

This is what it looked like before I started working on itI did a little bit of mocking up of the front end, just to see how everything will come together, and it got me even more motivated to get this beast done...…