20 Responses to “1989 Mercedes-Benz 190, W201 2.6L Restored!`AMG body kit, 17″ BBS RS wheels! Coilovers! Brabus w124 500e E30 M3 E34M5 Era”

  1. vladimir says:

    Hi! I’ve got 1991 300te. Very impressed of what you’ve done for your car. Want to have something like that for my car!

  2. adil says:

    wow, i got a 1986 190e 2.3 with a the full amg body kit, where do you get those rimss ??? !! my car needs some body work done, looking at this makes me want to get right with it. definitly interested in something like this

  3. carreraboy says:

    BBS RS wheels were custom built with 2″ & 2″ lips, new chromed bolts, powder coated centers and barrels. A set like this in 17″ goes for around $3k.

    If you have an older German car and if you are interested in restoring it and if you have REALISTIC BUDGET, please contact me and our shop will make it happen

  4. ray says:

    I’m looking for a restored Euro 635 csi,
    from 1984-89. Please let me know if you have one.
    Also Do you have any other bimmer for sale ?
    Thank you.

  5. Baisley says:

    Sheesh!! I stumbled on this build by accident but i love the craftsmanship. I always had a thing for 190s. Great job

  6. john says:

    hello love the mods on this 190. I have a mercedes restoration shop and do some mild customizing here and there…doing a 1984 380se AMG kit on etc. Had a few questions for you…Much appreciated if I could have a minute of your time.

  7. Mikemcnair says:

    Just got rid of my ’92 190E 2.6 w/Trac, already miss it after seeing this.

    Picked up a ’92 500E tho, so should be in good shape.

    This car is spectacular looking (and I’m sure driving).

    If selling GL with sale! If not, enjoy!!!!

  8. carreraboy says:

    you can contact me directly: DTMe30M3@yahoo.com

  9. Insaa says:

    That’s one stunning 190, loving it! Nearly perfect. Are you aware if there are any other coilover sets for the w201 than those DPS’s? Havent found any other ones than those. They seem good too tho.

  10. Matt says:

    The wheels and body kit look awful, it looks like a ricer car…you’ve ruined this 190.

    • RUESPEED says:

      Matt . As far as the look , may not appeal to you . But as an owner of FIVE 190e’s the execution is spot on . The kit is an original look for this car . When NEW this look was very expensive . The rims alone are crazy money and super rare . So as to ruining the car , ur wrong . As not your taste , well colors were made for ppl that dont like black or white . Its your choice . Im not saying this to bad mouth your choice but to clarify what ruining a car is . If you stop at a light , I can put money on a guy with a lambo , ferarri and such would give it a thumbs up .

      • Daniel says:

        The AMG kit looks authentic for that car but stretching small tyres onto a large width rim is DEFINITELY a ricer mod. NOBODY at AMG ever thought that the perpose of a 10″ wide rim was so you could fit 215’s on a car. 10″ rim need 255’s as a minimum.

  11. Petra says:

    I am interested in your car, I have a 1985 Mercedes 190e 2.3 with 25k original miles. Let me know if you want make trade. check this link:

  12. Dennis says:

    Are the rounded fenders a custom job? or can you find them somewhere online?

  13. Tino says:

    Very nice work i just finished on now


  14. Rafcio says:

    Awesome ride! Looks just great. Too bad it’s so difficult to buy AMG package in Europe, as I would love one for my W201!

  15. Rudy says:

    Great work,what kind of horsepower does the engine make?

  16. Mercedes_Lover says:

    How much is the final price on the MIGHTY 190E?

  17. jason says:

    Hey man I have the same car and I’m missing some part which I can’t seem to find.. you think u can tell me where to get them or help me out somehow

  18. jason says:

    Hey man I have the same car and I’m missing some part which I can’t seem to find.. you think u can tell me where to get them or help me out somehow

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