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1988 Honda Crx Rebuild

This is where things started. I was 17, and this ’90 Si, started in my possesion with the paint faded to factory primer, so I figured some fresh paint, and a JDM front would clean things up. Bare with me on the pic quality for the red car, these were from back in the day. […]


1984 Toyota Landcruiser BJ45 World Rig

So it started with this: Completely revising the front axle. It’s not my daily job, but luckily all the necessary tools and expertise are just a shout away. All parts for this job are available in the surrounding shops. Some parts are must be made from scratch on the lathe like the brass inner rings […]

Nissan 350Z NA 323 WHP Build

‘Prologue Hey all – as some guys here know, I’ve been doing an NA build on my own car for quite some time. It started about 2 years ago when I acquired a spare set of heads, and some Tomei cams. After much time spent with the flow bench, and a variety of other tools […]

Big Boost’s VR6 Audi S4 BAT Build!

The short story. 2008. Stage 3. VAST. Prince. Mike. Michigan. Neil. Milwaukee. Awesome. Misfires. WTF! CEL? WTF? New program. Cool. Misfires!! Help! Again. Neil. Cool! Loving. Life. Summer. Base file. 12.2@116mph. VAST! 2009. Winter. Hit. Pot hole. Shit. Totaled! Sell parts. Prince. “Dude…Race Car!” Me. “Hey honey, do you care if I build a race […]

EvilEvo’s Audi S4 Build Thread

I had oil problems with my car after hybrid RS6ss were on the car. And as such, i spun a bearing on cyl6. This than prompted me to rebuild the motor. I originally was gonna just replace the bearing and rods and freshen up the motor, but after thinking it through and getting my finances […]

Project:BMW 357ti

My 325ti was rearended so i bought the clubsport that was ever so gracefully sideswiped/tboned into a curb and totalled. This brings us to project number THREE…. :suicide: Finally picking the car up on Tuesday after being dicked out of the chassis in california. This one is black on black/greay and is a sport. Comes with […]