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I got this car from Porsche/Mercedes Enthusiast out of Boston who was the second owner. The car was very clean, mechanically maintained and had no rust However the tranny was slipping from first to second so I had the Precision Transmissions in NY replace the unit with low mileage transmission, while completely servicing it.

I installed brand new Bilstein sports shocks and H&R springs and had the car aligned. Also installed brand new cross drilled rotors and new pads while the brake fluid was flushed and replaced with new DOT3 fluid.

My dream has always been to build 500e wagon but the cost associated with such build went up with the prices of everything 500e related, so this is a very nice tribute to 500e wagon without the hassle and worry of paying 500e prices on maintenance and insurance.

We got to work with little time to spare. The whole car was resprayed in OEM mercedes blue while incorporating the fender flares and AMG front bumper that had to be modified and widened in order to meet the flares. Believe me when I tell you, this was NOT an easy task! In addition, All dings, scratches and imperfections were removed! S600 custom front grill was installed. In my opinion, the outcome is amazing

L&J Motors in NJ did a complete Tune-up on the engine. It runs beautiful, 2 ignition coils were replaced as well as the wires, spark plugs, belts, oil and filters

Newly built, fully custom, 3 piece super rare and authentic AMG wheels were installed, measuring 8.5×17 215/40/17 new tires in the front and 10×17 245/40/17 new tires in the back. Lips were polished, barrels were powder coated, faces were polished as well, new hardware installed

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and FINALLY the finished car !

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Please look at my other projects / builds on this site. We built over 30 rare german exotics within the last 5 years. Just click on my user name CARRERABOY to see more !

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