Although I usually start my projects in May, the time has come a little early for this one.
I bought this
car about a year ago, thinking that I could restore it over the winter. As it turned out (as always) there were other projects that kept us away from working on it. But, we are finally doing it!!!

It’s an 88 M6, 2 owner car (last owner had it for 15 years), clean car fax with only 63,000 MILES !!!

Unfortunately, the car was stored outside and needed full paint job as well as the interior restoration.

Prior to the sale, the previous owner performed full tune up to the tune of $2,837 (including all new catalytic converters, new gaskets, wires, caps, rotors, bushings regulators, etc..etc..)
I replaced the clutch, fixed the self leveling
rear suspension, replaced rear pitman arms, etc…

This will be one of the cleanest, most original M6 on the East Coast once we will be done with it.

The day I picked it up –

after being in the shop for almost a year, the work has finally began!

The E24 is nothing like the E30, although, not as complex as modern cars, this 22 year old is temperamental and not easy

as of today

hope to finish the bodywork / welding on Mon, then start on the pre-paint process. Will update next week!

Yes, original red and 63k miles for the S38 is very low!

a little dusty but you can’t argue with BMW Motorsport

Finished the body work today

the rest of the car was primered today as well!

Towed the car from my shop to Azevedo to replace the clutch salve cylinder so I can drive it around the shop

Finally, F-I-N-A-L-L-Y ! The car is painted !

have to say that the car looks amazing, even being all apart, just freaking cool to see such a clean, freshly painted e24

unmasked (iPhone pics)

Power washed the undercarriage before applying the undercoating tomorrow. The car is exceptionally clean for 22 years of collecting dirt on it’s bottom

working on it

Had to get the new ECU that took few weeks to find. The old one just gave up and the car would not start.

it went to the mechanical shop for some maintainence

came back, the car is running flawlessly now !

putting some finishing touches on it

My buddy came today with a carpet washing machine and we gave this 22 year old rug a good clean up, it came out awesome, even better than expected !

Tomorrow I’ll finish up cleaning the interior and will put two newly re-upholstered front seats back in, also the windshield will be installed tomorrow. Sat I will lower the front.
That’s it for now, she goes back to sleep in a good company 

Got the new winshiled gasket and the new windshield.
The glass guy spent about an hour on the windshield installation, what a bitch, just didn’t want to go in

We also spent like 30 min trying to get the rear glass molding back in, these moldings on e24 are such a pain to install, especially when they are 22 years old and bent, but it’s all good now, only the minor stuff left.

99% complete, few very minor details left, last night I drove it first time in 2 years, car feels great, a true GT cruiser!

not sure how I feel about the wing yet, I kind of like it without it…

few more pics

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  1. Dave Murphy
    Dave Murphy says:

    I am curious the the light color primer you use on all your resto jobs. Is it epoxy baesd PPG? It looks like a good sealing primer. Thanks

    Dave M

  2. Vlad
    Vlad says:

    Thanks guys !
    I can build any e30, E34, E28 etc.. you desire – older BMW restorations are my specialty !
    Please check other BMW work in my gallery.

  3. jose da silva
    jose da silva says:

    hey guys i am bringing my e21 1982 323i from portugal to new york and want to restore it completely,i like that red color you use i see there is another e30 with a diff red color looks like candy apple red,like it alot,anyway how hard is it to find e21 parts?let me know what would it cost,ballpark figure.thanks

  4. Jorge Elias
    Jorge Elias says:

    Love the job you did on this vehicle, I have an 88 M6 black with about 66K miles. I would like to get an idea of what it would cost to do a resto job like this interior and exterior. Just a rough idea, the body on my car is in great shape except for a rear corners where you see some rust bubles developing.

  5. Jack Holdsworth
    Jack Holdsworth says:

    Hi There,

    Great job…the car looks fabulous.

    I am just starting to work on my blue M6 but I can’t find a front spoiler.

    Do you have any suggestions on where I could search for one.

    Thanks a bunch,

    p.s. oh ya ! I’m in Calgary Canada

  6. Mike Walsh
    Mike Walsh says:

    Hey Carreraboy, great job looks fabulous. Put the wing on, the latest stlye with the colour top and black rubber lip, really finishes it off. After 80 633& 86 635 imported 85 M6 from UK to Australia, that was a test of sanity! Anyway keep up the good work. Regards Mike. By the way I have one of the felt covered boot, battery covers for sale if anyone interested

  7. Troy LeDuc
    Troy LeDuc says:

    I am also curious as to where you got your seats reupholstered. Also, where did you get the BBS rims? I can’t find any and my ’89 would look a million times better. Thanks! Beautiful car!

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