1987 BMW M3 built on e30 325iS coupe

What is this car? - It is a US spec, 1987 E30 325iS fully converted to E30 M3 body using all original metal OEM E30 M3 body parts, E36 M3 5 lug suspension, Porsche Brembo brakes, custom interior. Top quality work, all body/paint/engine/suspension/brakes…

BMW E30 M3 DTM Warsteiner, 380HP AC Schnitzer Race Rep, 17" BBS RS, Brembo, Recaro

This was our tribute to the most successful BMW touring car ever - BMW E30 M3. We wanted to create the replica of the most famous BMW race car, but with the twist! What started life as a regular 1988 US Spec e30 M3 ended up as one of the…