5 Responses to “BMW e30 M-techII 4 door Sedan, Custom Pain, BBS RS, Euro Interior, total restoration!”

  1. Dan says:

    Hey Vlad, love your work. Just looked you up online, and i’m a local guy from North Jersey as well. I’m looking to have an e30 made, if you wouldn’t mind, can you email me @ “dank10@gmail.com”, to further discuss? Thanks- Dan

  2. Derek says:

    Hey Vlad,

    Awesome work!

    You did a fantastic job. I just bought an 86 e30 and I have a long way to go.


  3. Jacob says:

    Hey Vlad,

    Just discovered your work and am a big fan of your restorations. This one being one of my favourites.

    I am curious if you have a current email that I can use to get into contact with you? I have recently purchased myself an E30 and am looking for tips on how to cost effectively do it up. It’s not a huge restoration job as I am young and just looking to do it up to a higher standard.

    Any help/contact would be appreciated!



  4. Rhett says:

    Hey was wondering what you did with the moulding on the side doors?
    Was it body filler or did you wed in a strip of metal?

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