5 Responses to “1975 Datsun 280z Restoration”

  1. stuart says:

    well another classic 280z gets messed up!

  2. bob says:

    what motor?

  3. Chanthy says:

    Awesome Restoration & Modification.

  4. Riley from TX says:

    Yo ! nice !!!! thats sick. I just got a 280z about to do the whats seems typical now ls swap… going to daily drive it what do you think?

    Impressive work man

  5. George Poole says:

    I live in charlotte NC, I have a 260z 1974, new engine with a holley four barrel. I am looking for some one with engine and brake knowledge to restore it back to running condition. I have all the exterior part (new from catalog)and what the cost would be. the time of completion is not importance

    (704) 607 6784

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